All things Fall

To welcome in November here is a list of some fall goodies.   For the cold evenings I whipped up a batch of chili and cornbread. I was hoping for leftovers but that just wasn't going to happen! Chili recipe is from Cooking Classy.  Another fall favorite I love to enjoy is our homemade pumpkin … Continue reading All things Fall

Leg Day 

I did a workout that made it hard to sit, stand, or walk! Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of a good workout. However, I did make sure to roll out today before going into work to help with the soreness, lactic acid build up, and growth.  Here's the workout:  8x8 lunges 20lb db per hand  SS … Continue reading Leg Day 

Glutes on Strike

Ever since my PT days I have only been doing front squats, but for about the fourth day now I have been incorporating back squats into my program again! My leg days have actually been full of dead lifts and both front and back squats throughout the workout. I thought my back squatting days were … Continue reading Glutes on Strike