My Next Move in Life

I’ve only just begun my post grade school education and I’m already stuck on what to do next. I earned my Associates online and now I’m at a standstill. I thought I had it all figured out or at least that is what I told myself to prepare for the next leg of my education. But do we ever really know what the next step is, especially living a military lifestyle? I have my major picked out, a physical therapist, but where am I going to go for my bachelors so I can continue on the road to grad school.

Have I not mentioned that I am among other things a military spouse whose husband is about to go on a 1-2-year training where I will not be accompanying him? Now how does that tid bit of information fit into my education dilemmas?

There are no schools where I am currently residing that focus on sports medicine for me to stay here with him a little longer and online school is out of the question since this a hands on program. So my next option is to go back to my home state, Florida, to finish college. I want to continue on with my education as soon as possible because this is important to me. But I have to make the decision to move back home before my husband goes into training. That means being, yet again, a long distance couple. I knew this was bound to happen again because this is what I agreed to as being a military spouse especially one who is going into a career field that will see many deployments. Instead of waiting for him to go to training for me to head back to Florida I might have to leave sooner than planned. And honestly I’m not ready for this next chapter.

I’m used to falling asleep with my husband curled up next to me. I’m used to pushing each other harder in the gym. I’m used to making dinners together and walks with our fur baby. I’m used to having him always there to talk to. (Not that we won’t continue our crazy ramblings, but the distance will show its presence).  Time apart will only be temporary but it is still a big adjustment when you are used to always having someone there for you.

However, just because he is living out his dreams of being in the United States Air Force and now on his journey to re-class into a different career field in the AF does not mean I can’t follow my dreams. I shouldn’t settle because this is the life I agreed to. Yes, I support my husband 110% but I have to follow my path to get to where I want to be. That might mean saying “see you later,” never a goodbye, as I head back home to get the degree I want.

My husband supports me and wants what will make me happy. And I want the same for him. We are on the same page as far as following our career goals and doing what is necessary to get there.

I guess writing down my thought here has helped me see the decision that was always there in the first place. Just because I am chasing my dreams and he is chasing his, in different places, does not mean we are any less of a couple. That our love decreases over the miles, because it can only get stronger.

So know that you are capable of your dreams. Follow them. And once you meet them don’t stop there!




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