A Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

We have all felt the effects of stress before. Maybe from having to meet a deadline, a job interview, cramming for a test, the list is endless. Everyone handles stress differently. There are positive and negative ways to deal with stress.

When I get stressed I feel as if my blood is boiling underneath my skin, I can just feel my veins popping, my heart races, and I become very fidgety. Lately the smallest of things have set my stress through the roof. Especially when there is change, change in information or change in plans. “If you keep this up you are going to have a heart attack,” my husband remarks.


“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters” Claire Cook

I have taken into account what sets me off and the negative reactions I have to stress. From having a better understanding of the events that cause stress, I am trying to turn my reactions around to become more positive and calming.

What is my purpose with this post? I want to share my experiences with stress and different coping mechanism to help someone else who is feeling the same, stuck in the same endless cycle of overwhelming thoughts.

The negative reactions I have to stress include, wanting to hibernate, constantly dwelling on what went wrong and the what ifs, and getting very emotional (depressed, angry).  All of these habits feed the stress and only make it worse.

The positive reactions to stress I have tried include, taking a walk to get some fresh air, keeping a gratitude journal, and yoga.

What are the benefits for doing the latter when it comes to stress? A better night sleep is one because your mind won’t be on an endless loop of negative thoughts and you won’t be disturbing your sleep cycle from hibernating. Focusing on what you are grateful for instead of what went wrong helps release the feel-good neurotransmitter, dopamine. (If you tell someone your grateful for them you’re not only making yourself feel better but putting a smile on someone else’s face! Keep this in mind.)

Having a good support system is important as well. Having someone you can trust to get another perspective on the situation can help. Just having someone there to listen and help you start feeling yourself again can make your day better.

For me handling my stress in a positive way means reducing my headaches and not being down all day but being able to turn my mood around and make the most out of the day. The amount of stress that gets built up can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure to name a few. So if you are starting to feel stressed, try these positive coping mechanisms with me. We can have a calmer and more productive day.


Share your positive coping strategies to stress.

What are three things you are grateful for today?



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