The Little Things

Children are so pure. Just little beings that want to explore what the world has to offer.

I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop, my mocha coffee in hand, looking out the open windows at the blue skies in between working on another post. A father and his two kids come walking towards my table, because I happened to sit in the back of the café which happened to be near the restrooms. I got to see a lot of traffic come and go. It was lunch time so the choices to sit were slim.

The children, no older than five, come crawling onto my bench I am sitting at. I wave hello.

The father, teaching his children, says “you have to ask before you go and sit with someone.”

The children obeying, ask if they can sit with me.

I said yes, not minding to share my table for a few minutes. The father told me not to be polite and I should have just said no. What harm was it for them to sit there when they were just waiting with their father for the restroom to become available? They wanted to have a seat.

Instead of sitting on the seat across from me the two jump up onto the bench and cozy on up next to me. I was not expecting this. As soon as they hopped up onto the bench the restroom became available and they were on their way again.

They put a smile on my face. Just seeing the joy that came to their faces while exploring the little coffee shop.


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