Barefoot Runs

My running shoes have seen better days. Although they aren’t all that bad, the bottoms are ripped apart and I’m starting to get shin splints and tightness in my Achilles. These shoes have powered me through many runs and took me many miles.


On one of my 800-meter sprint days this week I skipped the shoes all together once I got half way through my workout. I didn’t want to keep my shoes on if I was going to get pain running in them. Aside from my tore up souls, my run was a success! My form even looked better and no pain.


The next time that we had sprints for a workout I bought my Vibrams to run in. Since they are minimalist I thought I could get the same experience as running barefoot without tearing up the bottom of my feet. No such luck! The pain returned and my time wasn’t where it was supposed to be. So again, I went without the shoes.

The temperature that day during our sprints was only in the 50’s; my Florida-raised self was not particularly happy about the numb toes that came with running barefoot. But I felt free and ready to run.


I was always skeptical about running barefoot since I have weak ankles due to multiple breaks and feared I would just injure myself without the support of a shoe. I took a chance and may have found my new running routine.


I will be on the hunt for new running shoes soon to see if I can find a pair that I feel comfortable in again. But for now, I’ll keep to my unmatched sock look and toughening up my souls.


What are your favorite running shoes? Any brands you suggest?

Would love any feedback!



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