Bring in the New Year

A new year is waiting patiently to make its presence.

What to expect in the new year? Am I ready for what 2017 has in store? Which friends will stay until the end of the year?

Like I left off in my last post there is a lot left unsaid.  For one, I have two choices about school. Will I stay in this state and go to school here or go back to my home town and get my Bachelor’s degree there.

But I am excited for the new year because I have so much more I want to do. I want to see the world. Even if that means just exploring the United States first. Colorado, Washington D.C., Washington state just a name a few.

I want to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. There are so many fitspo idles I follow and want to enter their world. I know there is a lot more to just working out and eating clean, I’ll need a coach, a posing coach, and have to spend money on the wardrobe. I think it will be a fun challenge for myself.

I am going to be starting on my Bachelor’s degree. I am excited to be going back to school and studying about something I am passionate about.

Besides items to tick off my list I have other goals for 2017 ones that focus on myself.

I want to let go of things I can’t control. My husband jokes and calls me Colonel Rachael because before committing to a plan I ask him like 50 questions to make sure I know what to expect. Just go with the flow Rachael!

I want to do things for myself. Before making a decision, I think of how it’s going to affect others in my life. Will they be happy for this decision or scold me and tell me to think otherwise? Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and think of yourself. How else am I going to know who’s the real me when I don’t even know any more if I am doing something for me or for them?


I know there is a lot more in store for me and I know there are other areas I need to work on but this is my list for now. The countdown is on ‘til the new year.

What is in store for you in 2017? Any goals set? Post in the comments!


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