Winter Night Thoughts

Winter is here! The lows are in the teens and we are expecting snow!… Don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, I despise the cold. My hands bleed no matter how much lotion I put on them and I am always cold no matter the season. But it also means for excessive blankets, lots of tea and coffee, fuzzy socks, and sweater weather and boots!

We are supposed to be getting 8-10 inches between tonight and tomorrow morning. The first snow fall of the season/year. Snow is pretty and fun to watch from the inside of my cozy house. Today I am in our favorite cozy coffee shop (what else to expect from me on a Friday) and later with no plans for Friday evening I will be wrapped in blankets tucked away reading. Calm down Rachael, you are getting way to rowdy for a Friday night! I know I am an exciting person, please try not to be jealous.


My friend has given me a book to read which is dangerous for the bookworm that I am. Besides coffee shops I love bookstores. I will now find myself glued to the book at hand. What is bedtime? Just one more page? Can you relate? I am now a character in the story on the sidelines, viewing their life and personal conflicts.

I’ve always been a home body. I get anxious when plans are made especially if it’s with new people or a large group. (I’ve been getting better, though).  Always enjoyed the thrill of reading since as long as I could remember. I could escape to a book when I had a bad day. The world would just melt away for a little bit.  I remember when I was in middle school I hadn’t left my room for hours just reading away and Dad made me put the book down and go play, sigh.

I’m one of those people that has a list of books to read but will find myself buying another one. Books for me, like I said, in the past was a way for me to escape. But now there are a favorite past time. I have been taking advantage of my time off from college to catch up on my reading. Because trying to go to school, get papers written and study for exams, and get in my workouts, books tend to get sidelined.



What does your Friday night consist of? Favorite book/ author? What are you currently reading? Share below!


5 thoughts on “Winter Night Thoughts

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    1. Sounds like my relationship as well. My husband doesn’t like to read but loves movies. That is the right way to spend a snow day. Stay warm and safe! Thank you 😊

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  1. I hate to break it to you, but I ❤ snow! I’m pretty jealous you’re getting that much powder! Speaking of books, though…I’m currently reading Girl, Unbroken by Rosie Maloney and Gina Calcaterra. It’s a moving true story about a girl’s journey with an abusive mother, being kidnapped out of a foster home and finally finding her way back to her sisters’ love. If I wasn’t so busy, I would have had this finished in a weekend.


    1. It’s 530 now and I’ll admit it does look pretty as the first snowfall untouched. Sound like an interesting read! I’ll have to put that on my list for when I go to the book store 😊Enjoy your read

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