Another mini getaway is in the books! I can get used to this.

Last weekend we spent two days in Washington D.C. This time around it wasn’t just me vacationing but hubby and another couple.

We arrived during a good time because the cherry blossom festival was about to be in full swing after the harsh winter storm that just passed.

We did end up experiencing both winter and summer during our short stay; arriving Friday with 30 degrees and rain and leaving with 76 degrees and sunny.

We started our first day with walking through the Holocaust Museum. A very powerful experience to see a glimpse into past of what these people had to endure.

Once you enter into the museum you are given a passport of someone who lived during this time period. Making it that more real of what you are about to witness as you descend through the past.


Once the rain subsided and it started to warm up a bit we visited the National Mall.

Just a few of the monuments

Friday night called for exploring D.C.’s night life. We treated ourselves to Charlie Palmer Steak and got to see the buildings and monuments lit up.

Saturday we went to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History and acted like children getting to see the dinosaur skeletons. There was so much to see I don’t think we saw it all. That’s how I felt after leaving the Holocaust Museum; after spending a few hours there and with how crowded it was there was so much we missed and need to go back to see.

We drove to Arlington National Cemetery to see the changing of the guards and pay our respects to the unknown soldier. A still silence swept over once we entered the viewing area. Nothing to be heard except of the clicking of the soldier’s steps. How true the statement freedom is not free.

 Some Gave All

 A memorable weekend spent with good company.

Have you been to D.C.? What did you do there? Any ideas for our next mini getaway?


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