The Front Squat

As requested by my physical therapist I started to switch up my squatting routine. Normally I just stick to back squat but to help with my injury I am going to switch it up and start front squatting.

What is the difference?

The variation puts stress on different parts of the body. The back squat puts stress on the glutes and hamstrings otherwise known as the posterior half. Since I tend to use my back instead of my posterior muscles during this exercise my PT would like me to front squat for better form.

The front squat uses mostly the quads. My problem with the front squat, the reason I stayed away form it for so long, is because of the tension it puts on my wrists. I will just have to build my wrist strength up. The front squat also helps with deepening your squat and uses more of the core. During physical therapy they emphasize the use of the core with different breathing exercises.

You should be putting a variety in your exercises anyways. So, it is a good thing she is suggesting switching up my squats. You can also add goblet squats or use dumbbells instead of a a barbell if you want to change up your fitness routine.

With working with my PT my glutes are activating more, putting less strain on my back and more stress on the corresponding muscles. I don’t plan to neglect the back squat now, especially since I am getting the right muscles to fire.

I started with a lighter weight and am looking forward to increasing my strength.

Do you choose a certain exercise over another?



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