New Chapters

How did you feel when you started a new chapter of your life?

Normally I would be nervous and anxious but now; now I am just going to see where my path is headed.

Let me explain. I am supposed to start class next month, at a new college for the beginning of my bachelor’s degree, and I just found out the major I am studying for is no longer available, temporarily on hold. While making phone call after phone call to see what is happening with my status and classes no one thought to inform of this little detail. With the month approaching so soon normally I would be panicking. But I have an appointment this week with the University to try and straighten everything out.

If you are thinking I am not taking my education seriously or just being down right lazy that is not the case. I am excited to be starting class again and want to continue to progress through my education to get me closer to starting my career.

Onto the next agenda for this new chapter. I gave my notice to my boss that I will be leaving the company soon. This was a hard one for me. I have been with this company for two years and I felt like I was letting people down with my decision. (Yes, I am a people pleaser. It is a work in progress to change this.) It will be a change to not be there almost every day and seeing our regular customers who you get caught up in conversation with.

For the next several months my husband is on a different work schedule. So now we only see each other in passing most days. We are up at different hours. I like to come home and tell him about the details of my day and hear about his thoughts and ideas that going running through his head. Now it’s through quick texts and rushed goodbyes. It’s a weird phase we are going through, since we are inseparable. But with this extra time to myself it has helped me branch out because it is either to be by myself all the time or make plans and meet people.

It’s just a lot changing all once.

Change is good.

I don’t know what direction my life is headed. I guess all I am trying to say is I am excited about this new path. I am excited about finding myself.

A coworker asked me the other day who has been the biggest inspiration in my life to make me who I am today? And I answered honestly. “I can’t answer that right now because I am still trying to figure out who I am.”

I am going to take this new chapter to find out my likes and dislikes. Be okay with being by myself. But also, branch out and meet new people. Learn lots. And grow.


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