Coffee, Carbs, & Cardio

Coffee Carbs and Cardio…

And by cardio I mean shopping

Brunch has been the topic of discussion over the past few weeks. Meeting up with the girls talking about everything and nothing has been a joy. Getting out of my normal attire of sweats and a workout shirt has been a nice change of pace.


The Bee and the Biscuit



Such a charming place.  The locals know what’s good to eat because there was an hour wait on the morning of a weekday. It’s small and cozy. On the front lawn is a large green patch where they have tables and chairs filled with cards and board games. Plus there is a breakfast bar and coffee bar to further accommodate your wait. We didn’t even notice an hour fly by as we were reliving our childhood playing Yahtzee and Sorry.


That wasn’t even the best part! We still had our food to enjoy. We started with an appetizer, yes while at breakfast. It was the colossal cinnamon roll which was heavenly melting off the tip of our tongues.


Who doesn’t want to drink coffee out of a mason jar and sample four different flavored mimosas?

Bellies full and not ready to go home quite yet we found our way to the mall because sometimes you just need some retail therapy.  We were just there to window shop until I found this cute crop top hoodie that was on sale at Charlotte Russe and decided to just go for it. So, I guess you can say walking around a three-story mall counts as cardio, right?

Lamia’s Crêpes


A tiny cafe in the heart of downtown serves up crepes with any filling you can imagine. I was torn between the classic,  nutella and fruit or a roast beef stuffed crepe. Because this was breakfast and my first experience with a crepe I went with the first option. Can never go wrong with chocolate, strawberries, and bananas!

My friend had gotten a crepe with chicken, grilled veggies, cheese, and topped with gravy. Couldn’t go wrong there either!

Been enjoying our brunch outings and the sweet stuff in life.

What’s your go to brunch item?

Pictures with (***) next to it was not taken by my but from the companies Instagram pages: @beeandthebiscuit & @lamiascrepes






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