Never skip a workout! 

Is there just not enough time in the day, or you just feel too tired or too sore? Or there is other things that could be getting done than making it to the gym?

I’m not going to lie the last couple of weeks I have been missing a few workouts here and there one excuse after the other. What I have noticed from not being consistent is that I have been feeling lethargic. I have not been able to sleep at night and constantly crashing during the day. My appetite was gone (and if you know me I love to eat!).

I woke up and decided I will get back on track. I have been killing my workouts. And I’m not just benefiting from the results. I have been more energized and looking forward to social outings. I have been sleeping better at night and have gained my appetite back. And am craving fruits and veggies (#healthy) instead of my norm of chocolate and ice cream (I like my sweets what can I say!).

^dinner this week

^after today’s back workout

The next time you are too sore or tired to hit the gym just remember the benefits you get from putting in the effort.

Post in the comments why you go to the gym. Would love to read you why’s! 

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