Leg Day 

I did a workout that made it hard to sit, stand, or walk! Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of a good workout. However, I did make sure to roll out today before going into work to help with the soreness, lactic acid build up, and growth. 

Here’s the workout: 

  • 8×8 lunges 20lb db per hand 
  • SS 3×8 db RDL
  •       3×8 single leg RDL 
  • SS 5×8 single leg extension 
  •       5×8 leg extension 
  • SS 10×10 hip abduction 
  •       10×10 banded hip thrusters (body weight) 
  • SS 5×10 calf raises 
  •       5×10 4-count flutterkicks 

No squats or regular barbell deadlifts this workout. Working on accessory movements  mostly to target the glute. Next leg day I’ll change it up by making sure to hit more hamstrings to keep it balanced. 

Let me know if you give this workout a try! 


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