Training Update

For the last four weeks I have been following a training program and today being the start of phase 2. Here is a recap of my phase one progress and how I have been moving forward from the set back of my  back pain.

The training program I am following is Strength System for the Female Athlete created by Sebastian Oreb and Hattie Boydle.

I chose this program due to the high volume of leg exercises. Which I normally shy away from due to it being my weak point. But since using the techniques here I have been tackling all things legs!

The week was split up into  three strength days and two circuit days. Each circuit day having two circuits to follow. I never put circuits into my workouts so this was definitely a good change. The circuits kicked my butt every time because I am not used to adding endurance into my lifts.

  • I started the program with only back squatting 105 lbs -ended with 135 lbs
  • deadlifts start 135 lbs – end 145 lbs (150 lbs for 1)
  • On circuit days I would do a lighter deadlift then my strength day deadlifts. start 75 lbs – end 95 lbs
  • front squat start 65 lbs – end 95 lbs

I am enjoying the progress I am making and excited to see where this second phase takes me and where I will be at by the end of phase three.

Along with this plan I have been doing my own cardio mostly stiarmaster for 10- 30 minutes or incline walking. The big jump in time is due when I can get my cardio in. If I can get a separate gym session in I will do 30 minutes but if I add it into the end of my workout I normally only make it 10-15 minutes.

On top of cardio I have been trying to get in yoga every couple days. I have noticed my hips, hamstrings, and quads feeling pretty tight so trying to work those out in a manner I enjoy. Plus, I would like to be more diligent in practicing yoga so why not add it as my stretching and unwinding time after the gym.


** I do not have copy rights to this program that is why I did not include the workouts themselves nor am I being sponsored for this program


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