Glutes on Strike

Ever since my PT days I have only been doing front squats, but for about the fourth day now I have been incorporating back squats into my program again! My leg days have actually been full of dead lifts and both front and back squats throughout the workout. I thought my back squatting days were … Continue reading Glutes on Strike

Circuit Training

How often do you change up your workout routine? I normally stick to body building and stick with running or the stair mil for cardio. But Wednesday night I decided to join in my husband's workout which was a circuit style training. It was great to workout with hubby. We normally don't workout together anymore … Continue reading Circuit Training

The Front Squat

As requested by my physical therapist I started to switch up my squatting routine. Normally I just stick to back squat but to help with my injury I am going to switch it up and start front squatting. What is the difference? The variation puts stress on different parts of the body. The back squat … Continue reading The Front Squat

Update: Dry Needling

I’ve had two dry needling sessions already. What an experience it is. It’s sensational, it’s painful, but I’ll keep going back for more. Sharp, aching, and twitching are what I felt during the procedure. My first session, only my lower lumbar and glute (right for both) was needled. There was only a very subtle response … Continue reading Update: Dry Needling

Food for Thought

As an athlete, a competitor, an amateur body builder what is the one detail that is stressed to be healthy and ready for such endeavors? Protein. Meal prepping chicken. Serving up a delicious piece of salmon. Or enjoying a bacon cheeseburger because “cheat meal”. I’m all about downing my protein shake right after my workout … Continue reading Food for Thought