Crossfit Competition Recap

This post is a little delayed, but on purpose. I was trying to wait a little bit to see if the competition photos had been posted. That has not happened so I will just continue with the recap of the competition and if/when photos come out will be posting them in a later post! For... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Just like that it is January first. I had a great 2017. I took several months off from work, which was not the plan. But it allowed me to go home to Florida for a month. Which I ended up going back four times this year! And that always makes my heart happy. I went... Continue Reading →

I didn’t workout

I didn’t workout As if I haven’t talked about it enough I was home on vacation for two weeks in Florida. With all of the intentions to workout. I even planned ahead and brought multiple gym outfits, running shoes, shaker bottles and all my supplements (protein, bcaa’s, and glutamine). I even brought my resistance bands... Continue Reading →

Training Update

For the last four weeks I have been following a training program and today being the start of phase 2. Here is a recap of my phase one progress and how I have been moving forward from the set back of my  back pain. The training program I am following is Strength System for the... Continue Reading →

I am a Spartan

....or at least I was for a day. Last weekend the Husband and I drove a few hours to North Carolina so I can compete with friends in the Fayetteville Spartan Race. They were complete bad-asses and competed in the beast and the next day did the sprint. I only did the sprint; it being... Continue Reading →

Glutes on Strike

Ever since my PT days I have only been doing front squats, but for about the fourth day now I have been incorporating back squats into my program again! My leg days have actually been full of dead lifts and both front and back squats throughout the workout. I thought my back squatting days were... Continue Reading →

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat.  Spent today going down to the beach, splashing in the waves, enjoying a nice ice cream cone, working on my tan... Ahh summer days... That's what I was imagining anyways on our run today in this summer heat. Hubby wanted to go get in a run with some hill... Continue Reading →

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