Mini Vacation

You don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. I always long for the Florida days again. Decided to take a mini vacation back home mostly to get a way for a little bit and just go see the family. It was just I that went, hubby had to stay behind due to work. Those few days … Continue reading Mini Vacation

Update: Dry Needling

I’ve had two dry needling sessions already. What an experience it is. It’s sensational, it’s painful, but I’ll keep going back for more. Sharp, aching, and twitching are what I felt during the procedure. My first session, only my lower lumbar and glute (right for both) was needled. There was only a very subtle response … Continue reading Update: Dry Needling

Food for Thought

As an athlete, a competitor, an amateur body builder what is the one detail that is stressed to be healthy and ready for such endeavors? Protein. Meal prepping chicken. Serving up a delicious piece of salmon. Or enjoying a bacon cheeseburger because “cheat meal”. I’m all about downing my protein shake right after my workout … Continue reading Food for Thought


Do you easily forgive? Do you let the hurt from others hold you down? An Important message was given at last Sunday's church service- forgiveness. This powerful word was something I needed a lesson in. I hold grudges. I hurt easy and don't like to forget it. But we need to forgive so He can … Continue reading Forgiveness