Sweating it out

SWEATING IT OUT: BUILDING A PROGRAM TO FIT MY GOALS Trying something different with my workout routine. And that is building my own program with hubby since he is the master mind of all the ins and outs of fitness and lifting. Since I do better on programs to hold me accountable I am sticking... Continue Reading →

Back, Bicep, & Tricep Workout

This week's back and arm workout was a fun one! Grab your workout partner and give this one a try. Throwing in super sets and giant sets is a sure way to keep your heart rate up and the sweat dripping. Back, Bicep, and Tricep workout: Lat pull down 4x10 one arm assisted pull up... Continue Reading →


Motivation. Dedication. Persistency. Drive. I’ll be honest there are some days I don’t want to make it to the gym after work. I’m tired. I have a headache. I want to stay wrapped in blankets. Etc. etc. How do I stay motivated to reach my goals? Visualize. I visualize where I want to be in... Continue Reading →

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