I am a Spartan

....or at least I was for a day. Last weekend the Husband and I drove a few hours to North Carolina so I can compete with friends in the Fayetteville Spartan Race. They were complete bad-asses and competed in the beast and the next day did the sprint. I only did the sprint; it being... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Fitness Accounts

Favorite fitness Instagram accounts to follow. Motivating and inspiring woman. *All pictures have come from individual's  Instagram account. Click picture for link @Mishkadawn Amber was the first fitness account I followed and the one who really got me intrigued in body building. She is the owner and founder of ADO Fitness “An open minded diet... Continue Reading →


Motivation. Dedication. Persistency. Drive. I’ll be honest there are some days I don’t want to make it to the gym after work. I’m tired. I have a headache. I want to stay wrapped in blankets. Etc. etc. How do I stay motivated to reach my goals? Visualize. I visualize where I want to be in... Continue Reading →

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